Maddox Street by Nails Inc

Maddox Street

I have a fair few nail polishes. And my favourite brand is Nails Inc, I have just counted my collection and I have 30 of their polishes! I think I may have a problem!!

But that’s an issue for another day. Today I wanted to talk about Maddox Street.

Maddox Street was my very first Nails Inc polish and remains to this day, my favourite. Its a gorgeous gun metal grey with a slight metallic edge. This is by no means a metallic polish in the normal sense of the word, it just gives a hint of depth.

Maddox Street

I think this is such a good polish for a whole host of occasions. I wear it as a day to day polish, as its not as harsh as a black (Black Taxi by Nails Inc is the BEST black nail polish around). Its also gorgeous to wear on a night out as the slight metallic-ness and beautiful shine catch the lights in bars and clubs making it intriguing and interesting – I get asked about this polish a lot!

Now you may think I’m crazy for having £330 worth of polish from Nails Inc but here’s why I love them so much…

Maddox Street

I think their formula is just brilliant. It applies beautifully and levels itself nicely meaning its a doddle to make your nail varnish look good. The colours are also really pigmented, I always put two coats on but in a hurry you could use just one and still have great looking fingertips! The polish lasts for ages! For me, their polishes last at least a week without chipping (but I do work on computers all day so my hands aren’t exposed to manual labour or water/chemicals a lot which can reduced the length of time a polish lasts).

Finally £11 may seem a lot for a nail polish, and it is but I think the quality of polish is so so much better than the Barry M polishes of the world that they’re worth their dollar. And considering high end brands charge around the £20 mark, I don’t think Nails Inc is that bad.

Also, the Nails Inc website offers £5 sale polishes quite often and multi-buy sets (as to TK MAXX incidentally) so have a look at their site here.

Do you like Nails Inc as much as I do?? What are your favourite nail polish brands? I love to try out new things so let me know!


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