London Fashion Week 2013

Its Fashion Week! Its award season! Its lots of pretty clothes everywhere!

A big trend this season is monochrome. Which I absolutely love! I wear a lot of black, white and greys so I am very excited to have this trend filter down into the high street – as heaven knows I will never be able to afford designer!
We all know black is slimming but an all black outfit can look at bit drab and sombre. Adding a pop of white really livens up and outfit and can create a dramatic statement. I love the J W Anderson piece in the gallery below – so simple yet so striking, its a real piece of art. On a side note, his range for Topshop is amazing! Check it out here…

I love how clean and simple monochrome looks. There’s no fuss, just two colours working together in perfect harmony! Another thing is that everyone looks good in black and white – no matter what your colouring, black and white will suit you, so everyone’s a winner. I know we’re only just coming out of winter but I’m excited for A/W 2013 already!

I’ve complied a gallery of some of my favourite looks over the last week or so. All photographs are from the London Fashion Week website.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What did you think of London Fashion Week? Do you love monochrome as much as I do? Leave your links and comments below!


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