Natural History Museum

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So today I want to talk to you about my favourite museum in London. And if you hadn’t already guessed from the title or the slideshow above, it is the Natural History Museum.

When you walk along Cromwell Road you will be greeted by the most enormous and magnificent building – I don’t think my photos about really highlight how staggeringly huge and beautiful the Natural History Museum is. Once you enter the grounds you come across wildlife gardens to explore and peruse all before you head inside to the glorious entrance hall where you are welcomed by a Diplodocus.

Home to over 70 million specimens the Natural History Museum, there is something to interest everyone. Biological and geological; plants, insects, mammals, birds, rocks, spacedust, dinosaurs, amphibians – and there’s even a massive restaurant and gift shop if none of that floats your boat.

Every specimen has a name card and explanation about it, there is so much to learn. It’s fantastic. If you, like me, have a career in the arts, you will have probably had to have given up science after your GCSEs in order to specialise and look committed to your university of choice… pft, what rubbish. I hate that I had to give up science at 16 – I think its so interesting which is why I love nature and science programs on TV (Brian Cox is my hero) and I why I love this museum so much – I learn something new every time I go.

In a world so set on destroying itself, having a reminder to what we stand to lose on such an enormous scale really hits home – we need to take care of our planet guys! This is made all the more poignant as you see specimens of Dodos and Dinosaurs. The fragility of life is an important lesson to learn and the museum is so accessible for children as well as adults.

I think this place in incredible – a joyous tribute to our surrounding world. I can’t recommend this place highly enough. Utterly spectacular, you will be lost for words at some point along your journey whether it be the sheer size of the Blue Whale, the dinosaurs, the giant sequoia tree or the millions upon millions of insects. Truly a breathtaking experience. And what is best of all, it is completely free. You can wander and learn and draw and explore to heart’s content for free.

To find out more about the Natural History Museum and what’s on click here… And go, please go its so good!

And when you have been, come back here and comment so we can geek out together about the sheer amazingness of nature.


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