Review | Topshop Lipstick

Topshop lipsticks are lovely! I recently bought the shade Innocent from Topshop and I completely love it.

I have never been one for wearing a lot of lipstick or lipgloss – I usually just stick with Vaseline to give a nice sheen to my lips. This is because I like my eyes, I think they are my best feature so I try to accentuate them as much as possible. (I have an unhealthy obsession with Mac eyeshadow which will prove this point.) But recently I’ve been trying more and more lipstick and I’ve found a beauty in the Topshop range.

For £8 you get a really good quality lipstick which is really pigmented and lasts really well on your lips. There is a great range of colours from the very nude Nevada to the bright orange/red of Infrared to the deep plum Beguiled. There is a shade for everyone. The shade I opted for was Innocent:


I think this shade is gorgeous – it suits my skin tone and I just love the colour. The colour goes on beautifully and considering how much it is I think this is great value for money for such a quality product. It doesn’t dry my lips out and it lasts for a long time on my lips – perfect for when you’re dashing about with little time to reapply your lippy! Yay for Topshop lipstick.

Have you tried the Topshop lipsticks? Do you love them as much as I do? What is your favourite brand of lipstick?
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