Picture Frames

My new favourite shop is TK Maxx.
So I’ve been trying to spruce up my room recently and I’ve found TK Maxx is brilliant for all things homeware. The first thing I bought is this gorgeous picture frame for £6.99 which I think is an absolute bargain! I just love it!

Ooh camera effects...

Ooh camera effects…

Whilst TK Maxx stock just about everything in their homeware section, from dog beds to spatulas, for me their picture frame selection is just brilliant. They have a huge range and because of the nature of the store, there are different items in each shop meaning you’ll end up with something that most other people won’t have. You can pick up some beautiful homeware items at bargain prices which I love!
If you’re looking to jazz up your home a bit, I highly recommend having a look at your local TK Maxx!

Do you know of any other unique homeware stores I should be looking at to do up my home? Leave links and comments below, I’d love to know your thoughts!


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