Battersea Park, London

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I love the parks in London. They are so beautiful, so well maintained and cared for and they are truly loved by their residents. St James’ Park is one of my very favourite parks but last week I visited Battersea Park and it is definitely in close contention for the top spot in this, frankly ridiculous park chart which is emerging in my head. To read about St James’s Park read my blog post here.

Battersea Park is quite close to my house but I only visited it for the first time last week. I think it helped that I went on a beautiful day but the park is stunning. There is a huge boating lake where pedalos can be hired, a big duck pond and a children’s zoo (which me and my friend were too old to go in!) There is a huge amount of green space – some huge fields, some smaller flower filled gardens and everything in between!

The park is perfect for a picnic – we sat by the cricket ground which I imagine gets very busy during the Summer. It borders the Thames so you can walk along the river and its easy to get to from either Battersea Park or Queenstown Road stations. Here’s a handy map:


All in all, a beautiful park which I will definitely visit again!


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