Design Museum, London

So me and my friend went to the Design Museum!

The Design Museum

I wanted to see the winners of the Design of the Year Award as they always fascinate me! So here are some pictures I took along the way:

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I would really recommend going to the Design Museum – it is so interesting! I could have spent hours in there, I loved it. I found it fascinating to discover how each of the pieces were made – for example, the anti-gravity chairs were made using iron filings which has a magnet suspended above it, moving around, determining the shape of the stool. Just brilliant!

Here’s also a little video I made of the Postcard Player which just blew my mind – my favourite thing in the museum.

Also, the museum is right on the Thames by Tower Bridge which is just lovely, it’s one of my most loved places in London. Things like this happen there…

Anywho, to sum up: the Design Museum is bloody awesome.

Have you been to the Design Museum, what did you think? What’s your favourite museum in London? Leave links and comments below.


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