Emirates Air Line

The Emirates Air Line is losing money, rapidly. And I can understand why. The Air Line links North Greenwich, which is home to the o2 and Royal Victoria Docks, which is home to virtually nothing. There is hardly anything at Royal Victoria, just some houses and remnants of the London’s dock yards – which are quite nice to see but not worth a day trip to. But regardless, me and a friend had a spare day so thought we’d go ride the Air Line to see what its all about.

We boarded at North Greenwich, went over the river to Royal Victoria, stayed in our cable car and went back to North Greenwich. It was a beautiful day and the views were stunning – you can see all of Canary Wharf, Greenwich, the Olympic Park, the Thames Gateway, it’s pretty spectacular.

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All in all, the views are amazing but I’m not entirely sure why they built the Air Line. It doesn’t connect useful points – I mean as good as the o2 is, you only go when you’re going to a concert… It’s not got great tourist appeal as it is all the way out in Greenwich; there are much more interesting things to do in central. Unfortunately I don’t see the Air Line making money any time soon as most of the cable cars were empty (and we weren’t charged for our trip!) I’m just not sure what they can do to improve traffic… I had a lovely time though, seeing great views in the sunshine, so if you’re out that way and you’ve got a spare half an hour, give it a go!

Have you been on the Air Line? What did you think? Would you go all the way out to Greenwich to go on it? Leave links and comments below!


One thought on “Emirates Air Line

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head there! My boyfriend and I live in Canning Town, so right next to the air line really, (we can walk to it) and we’ve only been on it once! We did really enjoy it and the views are amazing, but you’re right they are slightly pointless.. I think it’s because they’ve tried to market them as a useful transport link rather than a tourist attraction, when really it’s just quite a slow way to get over the river 😉 xx

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