Clinique three-step skincare

My skin has been looking a bit lack-lustre of late (ooh alliteration) so I thought I’d change up my skincare regime. One of my good friends raves about the Clinique three step regime. This skincare range is one of Clinique’s most famous and well know ranges. And as the cornerstone of their product range I thought I would give it a go.


I have skin type two (dry combination) and I bought the trial, tester size pack to start. The kit lasts 4-6weeks according to the nice lady at the counter.

You get:
Liquid Facial Soap Mild
Clarifying Lotion
Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion

I used the range last night and this morning – the first two days on my month of Clinique. So far in two days) it seems good, the wash is nice and the moisturiser is rich and feels quite nourishing, the clarifying lotion does seem a little abrasive but, I’ve never used an exfoliant like it before so it may just be me!

Anyway, I will report back when I’ve used up the kit to let you know my verdict!
Make sure you follow my blog and then you’ll be notified with the results as well as all the other things I’ll be writing about in between!


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