Visions of the Universe exhibition

The sky is the ultimate art gallery just above us.

— attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson

Never was this quote more true than at the Visions of the Universe exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

Tower of gas in the Eagle Nebula. Photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope, 2005 (NASA)

Tower of gas in the Eagle Nebula. Photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope, 2005 (NASA)

The exhibition is a celebration of outer space and it’s awe-inspiring beauty. Visions of the universe showcases pictures of galaxies, nebulae and millions upon millions of stars – it is simply a breath-taking experience.

I confess, I am a massive space geek. I think it is the most interesting, captivating and astonishing subject to read, watch and listen about. Exhibitions like Visions of the Universe are vital in making cosmology accessible to the public. I really admire people like Professor Brian Cox and the late Sir Patrick Moore for allowing the public to experience all aspects of space, physics and ultimately, life itself. I simply adore watching programmes like The Sky At Night but seeing the photographs for real is something else.

The images in the exhibition are simply incredible. Using different filters for different gases, the images of space burst into colour. I decided not to take photos in there to show you as it just would not do the photos justice. The photo to the right of the Eagle Nebula was taken by the Hubble Telescope from NASA and gives a glimpse of the sort of photos in the exhibition. The images from all over the world are truly, some of the most spectacular images I’ve ever seen.

The thing I find so amazing about space is just how vast it is and how small we are. When you look at nebulae which collapse in on themselves to become hundreds of galaxies and in just one of those galaxies there may be billions of stars and around each one of those stars there are planets and on one of those planets there is life and in those billions of people there is me. It’s just mind-blowing and I love it.

If you like me, love space, its beauty and its magnificence then I cannot recommend Visions of the Universe enough. Its £8 to get in, members go free and runs until the 15th September.

Anyone else a space geek? Leave links and comments below!


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