Review | Super Facialist by Úna Brennan

IMG_0695555666Hello my lovelies, today I’m going to talk to you about this incredible face mask our left.

This is the Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask from the Super Facialist range by Úna Brennan. What a mouthful.

I picked this up from boots for £8.99 which, considering the article I read in Stylist this week which raved about different skincare all around the £60-120 mark, I didn’t think was too bad!

The face mask itself claims to boost skin moisture levels and radiance and has been developed for even the most sensitive of skins. Containing White Willow extract, Vitamin E, Urea and Marshmallow extract the mask claims to make your complexion appear “calmer, visibly renewed and glowing with a healthier radiance.” So does it?

Often when you try a face mask for the first time you’ll see instant results – your skin gets an intense, nourishing formula on it for 10 minutes or so – it is bound to react. The real test of a face mask is how it performs week on week. So far I’ve used the mask twice a week for the last three weeks and I can honestly say, every time I’ve used it my skin has looked a hundred times better!

My skin looks much more radiant after using it – my skin glows and genuinely feels like I’ve had a salon facial. It feels hydrated, fresh and just much healthier!

The mask itself is a creamy consistency which, as you may have guessed, smells of rose. Now, I quite like the smell of rose but if you don’t it may feel like you’re spreading Turkish Delight on your face!

Overall, a really great face mask, I would highly recommend it! There is also a Tea Flower Pore Purifying Clay Mask and a Neroli Lifting Treatment Mask in the range so there’s something for everyone!

What is your favourite face mask? Which ones would you recommend?? I love face masks so I’d love to know your thoughts!


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