London Southbank

I thought I’d share with you my favourite place in London. If you hadn’t guessed already, it’s the Southbank!

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The Southbank stretches from the London Eye down the river towards the OXO Tower. Within it there is the Southbank centre, the National Theatre, the BFI Institute as well as the Jubilee gardens and some of the most beautiful views London has to offer.

I particularly love that there is a huge mix of people on the Southbank. Local Londoners mix with tourists from all corners of the world and all ages mingle together as they meander along the river. Yet despite its busyness The Southbank is filled with quite places to reflect; Jubilee gardens, the benches along the river, the ‘beach’ when the tide is out. I find the Southbank incredibly peaceful and I often go there if I need to get away from things for an hour or two, or even just to read for a bit.

But when I don’t want peacefulness, the Southbank offers so much to do. It is buzzing with life, variety and vivaciousness. The Southbank centre offers everything from cabaret, art exhibitions, debates and talks to gigs and comedy. There is something for everyone!
The National Theatre has a wide range of productions on show throughout the year and is currently showing Othello which is INCREDIBLE!

There’s every type of food available and bars all around. I simply love this place. Whether to just pop in for lunch, a long walk down the river or a whole day occupying yourself with everything that’s going on, this place is brilliant!

What do you think of the Southbank? Have you ever been? If not, I urge you to visit! Leave links and comments below!


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