Hint Hunt

You’re locked in a room. A murder has happened. You have one hour before the police arrive. There are clues everywhere and you and your team have to escape. Now.

hint hunt2

Intruiged?! It’s time to put your detective cap on and solve a mystery in one of the best London events I’ve ever been to.

Hint Hunt is a live escape game and your team (between 3-5) have to thinking laterally, logically, mathematically and inventively to get yourself out. I went last night with some friends and it was so much fun. One of the best hours I’ve spent in London thus far.

Time Out describe Hint Hunt as a cross between the Crystal Maze and LA Confidential. I see it more as Murder, She Wrote versus CSI myself but whatever way you see it, Hint Hunt is a brilliant night out. Its something different, challenges your brain, you work in a team and with the timer on a big screen

I can’t tell you much more (other than it is brilliant!) because I just don’t want to give away the game. But please trust me, this is a gem of a night out.

Located in Euston its really easy to get to. Prices vary depending on the number of people in each room but its about £17-20 per person. Well worth it!


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