Essie Nail Polish

Colour: Buy Me A Cameo

Colour: Buy Me A Cameo

I hate to admit my blinkered view on nail polish but for me Nails Inc wins everytime when it comes to ‘higher-end’ polish. Hands down. And when I say ‘higher-end’ I mean your top quality nail polishes from Nails Inc, Butter London and your Chanel Le Vernis etc, etc. I think Nails Inc can do no wrong really; their polishes are superb! Amazing longevity, quality, range and pigmentation, they are my favourite nail polishes.

That isn’t to say I’m a snob when it comes to nail polish – I love a good high street nail polish as much as the next person. Barry M is brilliant quality polish for its price and I still can’t stop raving about their Gelly polish to everyone I speak to!

However, between the two lies Essie. At £7.99, Essie is not cheap by high street standards yet it is a bargain in high end circles. The question is; is Essie’s quality good enough to let it hang out with the big kids? Or is its price tag giving the illusion of quality to the high street shopper?

Well, I can safely say that the Essie polishes I’ve tried (namely Buy Me A Cameo (above), Bahama Mama and Mint Candy Apple) have all been perfectly great!

The brush is particularly brilliant – its huge! This makes it so quick to apply to your nails, one stroke and you’re done. The colour range is amazing so there is something for every occasion. The formula is thick, although Buy Me A Cameo was not the thickest – as you can tell from the photo is shows up all my ridges… I need to buff my nails! But that may also be down to the metallic colour reflecting everything in sight.

Whilst they are good quality polishes I still can’t really fathom the price tag. American products are notoriously much more expensive in the UK but still, £7.99 is a lot of money for a ‘high street’ brand. I’m afraid I still think Barry M wins hands down for quality and price, and I do think the Barry M polish matches Essie on quality! And as for Nails Inc, they will always be my favourite as their quality cannot be faulted!

Please don’t take this to mean that Essie are not good nail polishes – they are, just not as good as Barry M or Nails Inc in my mind.

What are your thoughts? Which is your favourite nail polish brand? Leave links and comments below!


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