Review | Gravity

I saw Gravity last night. And wow oh wow, what an incredible film!
As always ***Spoiler alert!*** Go and watch the film then come back!

First of all, the visual effects of this film were utterly astounding! I mean, breathtaking. It feels as if this is the film 3D was made for! In truth, I’m not the biggest fan of 3D – I find it is often over used on films that just don’t need it but it is completely worth forking out the extra few quid for this. In fact, if you are going to see Gravity, I implore you to see it in the cinema. The special effects on the huge screen and the stunning music in surround sound really make this film epic.


Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are tremendous. Clooney plays Matt, suave, charming, oozing with astronaut cool – everything you’d expect of the star, really. But his most touching moment was when he elects to die to save Ryan (Bullock), his love for space leaves him content to die there, it was just beautiful.

But if Clooney was good, Bullock was fantastic! I had my doubts before this film, I wasn’t sure she was up to it but wow, was I proven wrong! An emotional and absorbing performance of a woman who has been hurt so badly, numb to the life she left behind on earth. Yet, whilst she seems ready to give in she doesn’t; she fights through every bit of bad luck that this disaster has to offer. Her determination to survive, made all the more poignant as Matt drifts off into the distance, is something to admire. One of my favourite sayings is: ‘If you’re going through hell… keep going’ I can’t help but think how fitting this quote is for this film; it epitomises Ryan’s journey, don’t hang out in hell, keep moving and eventually you’ll end up in heaven.

The film is set completely in space – there are no flashbacks to life back on earth which makes the film all the more consuming. The lack of horizon means you feel as if you’re the camera, moving around the space station You become so engrossed and absorbed by the events – when will the debris hit again? Will Ryan make it to the Chinese space station? When will she get some sort of good luck? The film is so captivating that when it finally ends, you feel like you’ve been punched in the stomach, had a heart attack, fallen out a window or all of the above! Astounding, truly astounding.

Have you seen Gravity? What did you think? Leave links and comments below!


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