In the Nude Collection, Nails Inc

So I bought myself a few treats in the January sales…

My first purchase was this gorgeous nude collection from Nails Inc called, inspiringly, In the Nude. As previously mentioned on this blog Nails Inc is my favourite brand of polish – for me, the quality cannot be beaten for the price.


In the Nude collection consists of:
George Street – A pastel, mink pink
Sheraton Street – A ‘NEW Trend Shade’ pale blue
Kensington Gore – A deep nude
Hyde Park Place – A soft, pale grey
IMG_0882222The colours are bang on trend for the up coming season and I love them all. The picture right is what I’m wearing currently, Sheraton Street and Kensington Gore. I’m a big fan of nude pastel nails for an everyday look, they are classic, sophisticated and just plain beautiful. I managed to bag the collection for £20 instead of £44 for them all individually – bargain! As a quick tip, if you’re a big fan of Nails Inc (as I am) check out their newsletter, they send out offers all the time!

What do you think of the collection? Are you a fan of nails inc? Leave links and comments below as I’d love to know your thoughts!


7 thoughts on “In the Nude Collection, Nails Inc

    • Hi! I use a base coat, two coats of colour and a Sally Hansen top coat (insta-dry) and all my nails inc polishes last at least a week like that 🙂 they really are superb quality!

      • Is that a lot of polish? I guess I’ve always done two coats of colour and never really thought about it (though I haven’t always used good quality polish!) But yes, they are very opaque and will cover with one coat 🙂

      • Haha, I don´t know if it´s much, I just can´t apply more that two layers of anything without my nails looking bulky 😦
        I will try them out as soon as I can and get back with a feedback, they´re simply the perfect set of colours fo winter ❤

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