PYLOT Magazine

I wanted to share with you lovely people a new project I’ve been working on lately… May I introduce PYLOT magazine.

PYLOT magazine is an all-analogue fashion and portraiture magazine. There are a number of reasons for choosing the analogue medium, not only is it due to the quality and depth you receive when photographing with this medium, it is also due to the fact that even the most talented photographers have to be more selective and careful when creating their images. This way of working is challenging and rewarding, it will produce strong and well-selected images.

The world of fashion photography is one that currently uses Photoshop in order to create some of the most spectacular results. As a modern magazine using a not-so-modern process, we shall be using Photoshop to sharpen, brighten, colour balance and edit the images. However we do not administer any beauty retouching when editing any images produced for PYLOT. As a fashion magazine we will be photographing genetically blessed models, wearing beautiful clothing, that have had their hair and make up done. We think that this is sufficient in order to create the images we require. This method helps to promote a more ethically conscious perspective of the fashion photograph in 2014.

I’m so proud of PYLOT and what we’ve achieved so far. Please check out our website

If you want to get involved in PYLOT as a photographer, or you want to write a piece for the next issue then please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is

Peace and love,


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