Review | The Wolf of Wall Street

I’m a huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan. He is my favourite actor and I only recently realised this. I started thinking about some of my favourite films and they all have one common factor… you guessed it, step up Mr DiCaprio! The Departed, Django Unchained, Inception, Romeo + Juliet. And now, The Wolf of Wall Street has firmly planted itself on that list because this film is, to mirror the film, fucking awesome!

As always, spoiler alert! Go watch the film and come back to read my review!

This film is loud, crass, funny, utterly mental, and completely absorbing. I loved it.

We start by meeting Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) explaining how everyday he takes enough drugs to sedate Manhattan, Long Island and Queen’s for a month. He takes quaaludes, adderall, Xanax, pot, cocaine and morphine because well, its awesome. But it is money that drives Belfort. He live a life of excess because he can afford to. And his addictive personality means he can’t stop striving for more, more money, more drugs, more hookers, and this is ultimately his downfall.

leonard-dicaprio-dancingThis is one of the most accomplished performances from DiCaprio. Not famed for his comedic acting, he had me howling with laughter at points. When he takes the out of date quaaludes, loses the abiliy to use his legs and is faced with a set of steps as well driving his Ferrari home, I had tears in my eyes. Yet as funny as DiCaprio was at times, he was equally compelling when he starts to unravel. I was so completely absorbed when he was losing it, particularly when he was screaming on his bed after an argument with Naomi (Margot Robbie). His portrayal of Belfort has earned him a Golden Globe and an Oscar nod, and I really hope he gets it, it is so deserved!

The Wolf has broken a record for swearing in film. ‘Fuck’ is used 506 times in the three-hour film, that’s 2.81 fucks a minute. On average. Close to the number of actual fucks you see on screen. Yes, there is a whole lot of naked-ness in this film as we witness Belfort’s exploits.

Jonah Hill is also brilliant in this film. He far exceeded my expectations of him and those teeth! My days, they were incredible! I read earlier that he took a salary of $60,000 for this film, because he was so desperate to work with Martin Scorsese (which is much lower than the usual Hollywood rates!) I can’t say I’m surprised – Scorsese is such a talented director, I’d give anything to work with him too!

This film is an incredible journey through an extraordinary individual’s life. Every part of this film is done expertly, the acting, the direction, the production. It is a triumph of the very finest Hollywood talent.

Have you seen The Wolf of Wall Street? What did you think? Who is your favourite actor? Leave links and comments below as I’d love to have a read!


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