Highgate Cemetery

My housemates and I visited Highgate Cemetery recently.


Highgate Cemetery has some of the finest funerary architecture in the country. It is a place of peace and contemplation where a romantic profusion of trees, memorials and wildlife flourish

When I told my parents I’d been to visit a cemetery their reaction was ‘What?! Why would you want to visit a cemetery’ They couldn’t understand. And I’m guessing a lot of people will feel the same, especially because I know no-one (personally) who is interred there. There are however, many famous and well regarded individuals in Highgate Cemetery and its truly lovely to be able to pay your respects to figures you admire.


Karl Marx is perhaps the most famous resident of Highgate. All around him were fellow communists and political thinkers. It was interesting to see how some people wanted to be close to their heroes in death, even if they weren’t in life.


My housemates

My housemates

The cemetery itself is wild. Overgrown trees and ivy fill every crevice of the grounds. Some of the graves have been disrupted because of this which is a shame. But on a glorious day like I visited on, it’s absolutely beautiful.


Wandering around graves makes you think about the futility of life and how fragile us humans are. It makes you think about death and how you’d like to be remembered. It was an incredibly peaceful place which gave me a lot to think about afterwards. It’s a place that stays with you.


Learn more about Highgate Cemetery on their website.


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