A weekend in Kent


This weekend, myself and my friends went to Kent for the weekend and it was simply lovely.

We went on a bit of a tour around the county to get out of London (I know I’ve only just got back!), get into to the countryside, and see the sea. It was brilliant, even if the weather wasn’t.

The weather was pretty rubbish and we set off at the crack of dawn on Saturday into what seemed like the abyss!


We drove to Biddenden Vineyard where we had a wonderful tour around the vines, which was then followed by a tour around the presses where they make the wine and cider. We then had chance to try all the wines that Biddenden made in their store which was a great experience. I’ve never been to a wine tasting before and it was so much fun! We then perused the shelves of the farm shop, bought a few bottles to take home and then went onwards.



Next, we went to the beach! Dungeness in fact. And there was one word for it… Bleak. Dungeness is known for its lighthouse and we couldn’t even see the top of it due to the fog and the mist and the cloud. It really was that old British cliche of bad weather. Everything was grey!



But as grey and as bleak as it was, there is nothing quite like standing on the edge of the shore, whatever the weather, and looking out into the sea. There’s something rather peaceful about looking into the unknown, reflecting on your place in the world, and realising that any problems you have are so minor in the grand scheme of things.



Capturing my ‘not amused’ face!

What was wonderful about Dungeness beach was the oddly preserved artefacts from the days when fishing boats landed there. Strewn around the beach are decaying boats, old diesel engines, fishing sheds, and the trainlines which ferried produce down to the sea. It’s beautifully haunting.


‘Woah…! Just there is fine, guys’

After our time at the beach we drove up the coast to Dymchurch and played on the slots! I laughed so much at the Final Furlong 2, the horse riding game! We were only there for an hour or so but it was brilliant, it brought back so many fond memories from when I was a kid.

Then came our real adventure time as we headed to Brockhill Country Park for a walk. This was beautiful. It really reminded me of being at home up north, and wandering about the countryside, trying not to fall down in mud, hanging out with the cows in fields, clambering over gates, and trying to find the public footpath! It was great, such a fun way to spend an afternoon.


Once we were thoroughly caked in mud we headed further along the coast to our ‘Air BnB by the Sea!’ aka, Lily’s mums, and were treated to the most delicious dinner, wine, cheese and a distinctly sub-standard lemon tart… 😉

We collapsed into bed and day one of our trip to the countryside was complete.

After a suitably lazy Sunday morning, and a cracking breakfast courtesy of Lily’s mum, we packed up our things and headed to Canterbury.


I’ve only been to Canterbury once before (my cousin was married at the Cathedral), so it was so lovely to have a leisurely wander and take in the city properly. We went around the Cathedral (properly this time, it’s hard to explore where Thomas Beckett died during a wedding!), which is just magnificent. It’s so easy to see why the Church was such a powerful force in history.


Once we’d done a bit of shopping and wandered the city a bit further, we decided it was time for a Sunday roast.


We headed to the Woolpack Inn in Chilham for the most delicious Sunday roast by an open fire, it was heavenly. Once we were stuffed, and quietly contemplating how lovely it is to be in the countryside, we had to head back to London.

I had a such a pleasant weekend in Kent, it was so peaceful, relaxing, and fun. I laughed loads, there was good conversation, beautiful sights, and wonderful friends – what more could I ask for?!

Have you been to any of the places I visited this weekend? Are you lucky enough to be from the Garden of England that is Kent? Leave your comments below!


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