Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire


I love the countryside. For me, there is nothing better than wrapping up warm with a hat, scarf, and boots on and crunching through the countryside on a winter’s day. I’m very lucky that I grew up surrounded by countryside and it’s something I cherish every time I’m back oop North.

A particular favourite of mine is Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. A huge country park (3,800 acres) that is filled with woodlands, heathlands, and a massive lake. A walk around the lake is the perfect way to walk off the excesses of Christmas and New Year, which is exactly what my friend and I did with my goddaughter. Barely above freezing, the park was frosty, icy, and the air filled with puffs of breath from other walkers and of course, their dogs.

There are lots of cycle routes through the park too, but we only saw a few brave souls taking on the elements! In the summer, Clumber really comes alive with visitors cycling through, families picnicking and camping, locals watching the cricket, and people generally enjoying the great outdoors. It’s fabulous. But for me, in the quiet of winter, this park is truly magical. Grab your flask of hot tea and come for a walk with us.


Breathtaking, huh? I absolutely love it at Clumber; it is one of my very favourite places to be. If you’re in Nottinghamshire/South Yorkshire/Lincolnshire/Derbyshire area I would highly recommend a visit! Check out the website for details.


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