Welcome back…


It has been a while. Over a year in fact since I last posted here (keen followers of the blog will note that breaks like this are not out of the ordinary). Let me explain.

I loved writing on this blog but once I was writing for a living, writing for fun seemed like a chore, like a continuation of my workday. I needed a break. Now my day job has changed slightly and I miss the creative outlet. Step in, A Lot of Lovely Things.

I never envisaged this blog being something to fill the creative void when I started it. I started it simply because I loved having a place, a small corner of the internet, where I could honestly and candidly share my views on the world. A place where I could be me. Not shaping my words into someone else’s style or writing on topics which someone else decided.

So here we are. I’m taking back my voice. And I’m making a promise to myself to carve out some time each week to think, reflect and write about all the lovely things in my life.


Leave your thoughts...

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