Welcome back…


It has been a while. Over a year in fact since I last posted here (keen followers of the blog will note that breaks like this are not out of the ordinary). Let me explain.

I loved writing on this blog but once I was writing for a living, writing for fun seemed like a chore, like a continuation of my workday. I needed a break. Now my day job has changed slightly and I miss the creative outlet. Step in, A Lot of Lovely Things.

I never envisaged this blog being something to fill the creative void when I started it. I started it simply because I loved having a place, a small corner of the internet, where I could honestly and candidly share my views on the world. A place where I could be me. Not shaping my words into someone else’s style or writing on topics which someone else decided.

So here we are. I’m taking back my voice. And I’m making a promise to myself to carve out some time each week to think, reflect and write about all the lovely things in my life.


Making choices

I have watched two YouTube videos in the last couple of days and I can’t get them out of my head. The first is a TEDxTalk by Charlie McDonnell aka Charlieissocoollike, the second is a random vlog from last January by Casey Neistat. I will embed them both below, but first, let me explain.

I’m at a point of transition in my life right now. I’m changing jobs, I’m confused about the future both personally and professionally and, as always at the start of a new year, I’m just feeling a little lost. Trying to navigate my way through this confusing and stressful world is no easy feat. And when I say ‘my’ throughout this piece, I, of course, mean ‘our’. Our struggles, our stresses, because I’m not the only one feeling the pressures of being a ‘millennial’.
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PYLOT Magazine // Issue Two

May I introduce Issue Two of PYLOT Magazine, The Family Issue.


I work on this magazine with a very talented bunch of individuals and twice a year we release a new issue. We are immensely proud of it and I’d love for you to check it out.

We are an all-analogue, fashion and photography magazine — pioneering a modern approach a digitally saturated image economy. The publication works with a carefully selected group of the most exciting creative minds to form a distinct voice through its design and content.

The soul of the magazine is devoted to the publication of all analogue fashion, fine art and architectural images. It subscribes to a strict no beauty re-touching policy, celebrating the unique artistry of analogue processes. The objective is to offer readers a critically engaging, rich and multi-faceted content.

Through the craft of creating images PYLOT looks to explore the ever-increasing questions that form around the ethical uses of photography in fashion and popular culture.

If you’d like to check out more, or purchase a magazine, please visit pylotmagazine.com



My grandma, me and my grandad

My grandma, me and my grandad

I recently lost my Grandma to old age. Well that’s what the death certificate said. In truth, by the end, she simply gave up. She had been ill which had knocked her off her feet and whilst she’d recovered slightly, she simply decided she’d had enough. She wanted to, and was ready to, join my Grandad, her partner-in-crime, whom she’d lost ten years previously.

It wasn’t a shock when I got the phone call, her passing was somewhat expected, but it didn’t make it any less painful. My friends were incredibly supportive, but there was little to say, it was just very, very sad. And there is no getting away from that.

Losing someone who has been my life consistently for the whole of my twenty five years is gutting. It took the wind out of me. My brain didn’t function properly, I was numb to everything going on around me. It was like I had stopped yet the world continued in a flurry around me. I tried to do the normal, everyday things, to try and keep up but I couldn’t. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t fight the fact my body and mind were forcing me to stop and absorb and express the sadness I felt.

People say it gets better with time but it doesn’t. You just think about it less. It’s been four weeks now and I’m beginning to feel ‘normal’ again. However, this normality is rocked by the simplest of things – a photo, a smell, a phrase, a look – anything can set off an all-encompassing cloak of sadness and it’s difficult to deal with.

We’re not trained or taught how to deal with sadness. There’s a certain attitude of ‘bury-your-head-in-the-sand and hope nothing bad happens’ around Britain and as such, when our stiff upper lip begins to quiver, we just can’t handle it. I’m not sure how well I handled losing my Grandma really… Sadness is not a topic that’s ever discussed as no-one ever wants to be sad.

I’m a closed book when it comes to deep emotions, I find it very hard to express myself (great personal asset for a writer, no?). So I didn’t. Instead, I surrounded myself with my friends and family who I knew, if and when I wanted to talk, would listen and be supportive. Just having someone there made all the difference to me, and was, in the end how I coped. My friends were brilliant and I will always be grateful to them.

Coping with sadness is a very personal thing. Some people think in silence, others shout and scream, telling everyone who will listen about their problems, some people just cry. However you deal with sadness, the key thing is that you deal with it. Don’t bury your feelings within and ignore the sad feelings. Embrace them and accept them, only then will you really be able to move on.

If you’re struggling with sadness, grief, mourning I urge you to speak to someone and put yourself in a position where your friends and family can support you. And if it’s still getting too much to handle then talk to a professional.
Here’s an advice article about how to deal with sadness. The NHS offers services on all forms of stress, grief and mental illness. And if you just want someone to talk to ring the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90.


An awesome August

Well the last month has been pretty wonderful. I feel like I’ve had most of August off work and I’ve feel like I’ve barely been in London. It’s been brilliant!

First I went to the beach in Mablethorpe for a weekend with my friends. And as anyone who has visited the beach along the North East coast of England will know, it can be bracing, wet and down right cold but it is always the most fun.


Next, me and my housemates went to Croatia! We went to Split and Hvar and I cannot recommend it enough. The place is beautiful, the people are warm and welcoming and the company was brilliant. I basically spent the entire holiday with a smile on my face, it was glorious.

934787_10152384316408040_8215180748019642287_n (1)

The day after I got back from Croatia I went to a wedding! My gorgeous friend Lucy tied the knot in Gloucestershire. It was a beautiful day filled with love and laughter.

photo (2)

Next on my adventures in August was Leeds Festival. I hadn’t been to Leeds in a few years but it was the first festival I ever went to – and boy was it good to go back! We had a massive camp, carnage ensued and a good time was had by all.

photo (3)

All in all, August has been awesome. Next on the list is Secret Cinema and Bestival and I cannot wait!

What have you guys been up to this summer? Hope you’ve had a wonderful August too!



I went to Paris to celebrate my birthday with a few of my friends. It was amazing. I love the laid back attitude of Parisians, the café culture and the style of Paris – it is a classy city that just oozes style, charisma and good taste. I love Paris at the best of times, but in Spring with blossom everywhere, glorious sunshine and the best food and drink in the world, it was heaven.

Here are a few photos from my hundreds…

Have you been to Paris? What did you think of it?


Hello 2014!

Hurrah! It’s a new year!

I do hope you all had a wonderful festive period and an excellent new year. I just wanted to give a little update of what you can expect from A Lot of Lovely Things this year…
Firstly, more posts! I’m aiming for two uploads a week so make sure you’re signed up and following my site for the latest updates!
Secondly, more London! I recently bought Tired of London, Tired of Life and I’m keen to try as much of the things in it as I can!
Thirdly, more books! One of my new year resolutions this year to is read everyday something that isn’t internet news – so novels, interesting magazines, articles, essays – the lot. So they’ll be posts about my latest readings too.
Finally, more lovely things! As the title suggests… 😉

So a new year means a new start. 2013 was a bit of a mixed bag for me but I have high hopes for 2014. So onwards and upwards. Let’s go!

Peace and love,


Look – a puppy stuck in bowl!

Monthly favourites – August

Hello my lovelies, I’d thought I’d do a monthly(ish) post of all the things I’ve been loving each month so why not start now:

Fleur de Force: I love Fleur’s blog, she always has a great range of products reviewed and she seems like a genuinely lovely person too. Her blog is awesome

The wonderful Jake Bugg’s Broken is the song I’ve listened to most this month – it’s blooming beautiful! Well done Jakey boy!

Jumpers. Its been getting a little chilly the last few days and I’m slightly worried this is Summer over… Saying that I love the feeling of being wrapped up in jumpers and scarves so I was quietly happy to put my thick knit jumper on yesterday!

I went to the Natural History Museum with my Dad this week. We figured out he hadn’t been in 38years so thought it was time to go again. It is by far, my favourite museum in London and I had such a wonderful day.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Loving this book at the minute, it is so tense!

Alan Partridge. Alpha Papa. Incredible. Watch it. Review on the way.

I’ve been loving my eye cream this month! It’s been a busy, long month so I’ve been sure to use the B. Energised Eye Cream every morning and night to ensure that I don’t, at least, look tired!

Make up
This month I’ve been wearing my Nars Laguna Bronzer a lot. A lot! I’ve been going for a simple make up look – just a flawless (well, attempted flawless) face with minimal eyeshadow, and a slick of gel eyeliner and mascara. As mentioned above, I’ve been a little (a lot) tired this week especially so I’ve been trying to perfect my face to give the illusion of being rested! I used my Wake Me Up Foundation and Concealer then set it with my Bare Minerals foundation – it works a treat!

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.
I know this video has been around for a long time but I absolutely love it! I rediscovered it and I can’t stop watching it – one of my favourite videos ever!

So yeah, there’s a little round up of my month, I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave links and comments below to your weekly/monthly favourites as I’d love to have a look!


Top 10 festival essentials

I’M GOING TO GLASTONBURY! *Dances around the room*

Glastonbury Festival is my very favourite place on this Earth (from the bits I’ve seen of it anyway!) And as I’m a bit of a festival goer I thought I’d share with you some festival essentials and tips that I’ve picked up along the way!

Drink responsibly kids.

Drink responsibly kids.

1. Dry shampoo becomes a valuable commodity – stock up and use it to barter with.

2. Only take make up you won’t care about when you drop it in mud – leave the high end stuff at home!

3. Don’t wear jeans, wear tights! Seriously, the best piece of advice I can give.

4. Baby wipe washes are grim but get used to them – don’t be the twat who queues up for 5hours for a shower and miss all the music.


6. Don’t expect to look fashionable and you’ll never be let down.

7. You may get urinated on at some point during the festival, mentally prepare yourself.

8. Try to think when you’re going to need the toilet… then set off a good hour or so before hand to avoid embarrassment.

9. Talk to everyone. From the strange to the sublime you meet people from all walks of life at a festival, embrace it.

10. Forget all the rules and just have an incredible time.

Peace and love,