PYLOT Magazine // Issue Two

May I introduce Issue Two of PYLOT Magazine, The Family Issue.


I work on this magazine with a very talented bunch of individuals and twice a year we release a new issue. We are immensely proud of it and I’d love for you to check it out.

We are an all-analogue, fashion and photography magazine — pioneering a modern approach a digitally saturated image economy. The publication works with a carefully selected group of the most exciting creative minds to form a distinct voice through its design and content.

The soul of the magazine is devoted to the publication of all analogue fashion, fine art and architectural images. It subscribes to a strict no beauty re-touching policy, celebrating the unique artistry of analogue processes. The objective is to offer readers a critically engaging, rich and multi-faceted content.

Through the craft of creating images PYLOT looks to explore the ever-increasing questions that form around the ethical uses of photography in fashion and popular culture.

If you’d like to check out more, or purchase a magazine, please visit


Oscars 2014

The stars of Hollywood gathered last night for the highlight event of their calendar, the Oscars! The 86th Academy Awards took place at the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard to celebrate the achievements in film over the last 12 months. I always look forward to the Oscars, I love film and I love fashion, its a win-win! So let’s take a look at the highlights (well my highlights anyway!)

Ellen DeGeneres took charge of proceedings distributing pizza and taking selfies with the A-listers. She was light, entertaining and fun – everything you want in a host of an awards show which takes itself quite seriously! This selfie crashed Twitter and is now the most retweeted thing ever. Ever:

Fashion was out in full force as it always is. Here are some of my favourite dresses gracing the red carpet last night: (photos from here)

I can’t get over how beautiful Portia’s dress is – stunning! Nude is definitely the way to go this season

Olivia’s dress… the best maternity dress you’ve ever seen, right? And Jennifer, as gorgeous as ever

The boys looked pretty dapper too…

And so to the actual awards! Here are some of the results:

Best picture: 12 Years a Slave
Best director: Alfonso Cuaron – Gravity
Best actor: Matthew McConaughey – Dallas Buyers Club (should have been Leo!)
Best actress: Cate Blanchett – Blue Jasmine
Best supporting actor: Jared Leto – Dallas Buyers Club
Best supporting actress: Lupita Nyong’o – 12 Years a Slave
Best adapted screenplay: 12 Years a Slave
Best original screenplay: Her

I completely agree with the results bar one. Can you guess which one? I’ve seen both Dallas Buyers Club and Wolf of Wall Street and both are brilliant films. Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio were both tremendous but I just think Leo was better, he was simply incredible! I can’t praise Wolf of Wall Street enough it was a perfect film for me.
Jared Leto was the stand out performance in Dallas Buyers Club for him. His portrayal of Rayon was so accomplished and emotional. It’s hard to believe this is the first film he’s done in six years!
And as for Best Picture? It couldn’t have been anything other than 12 Years A Slave, could it really? The most powerful film I’ve ever seen and am likely to ever see for a very long time.

Did you watch the Oscars? What did you think to the results? The fashion? That selfie?! Leave links and comments below!


PYLOT Magazine

I wanted to share with you lovely people a new project I’ve been working on lately… May I introduce PYLOT magazine.

PYLOT magazine is an all-analogue fashion and portraiture magazine. There are a number of reasons for choosing the analogue medium, not only is it due to the quality and depth you receive when photographing with this medium, it is also due to the fact that even the most talented photographers have to be more selective and careful when creating their images. This way of working is challenging and rewarding, it will produce strong and well-selected images.

The world of fashion photography is one that currently uses Photoshop in order to create some of the most spectacular results. As a modern magazine using a not-so-modern process, we shall be using Photoshop to sharpen, brighten, colour balance and edit the images. However we do not administer any beauty retouching when editing any images produced for PYLOT. As a fashion magazine we will be photographing genetically blessed models, wearing beautiful clothing, that have had their hair and make up done. We think that this is sufficient in order to create the images we require. This method helps to promote a more ethically conscious perspective of the fashion photograph in 2014.

I’m so proud of PYLOT and what we’ve achieved so far. Please check out our website

If you want to get involved in PYLOT as a photographer, or you want to write a piece for the next issue then please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is

Peace and love,


Jo Malone: Blackberry and Bay Cologne


Santa was very kind to me this year and this is one of my very favourite gifts.

I have been a fan of Jo Malone fragrances for a long time and Santa finally started picking up my hints. There are a huge range of scents available at Jo Malone, twenty to be precise, and each is as unique as the last. Fusing natural plants, fruits and spices there is a scent that everyone will love. And mine is Blackberry and Bay.

Childhood memories of blackberry picking… stained lips, sticky palms. A burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, blending with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods. A vibrant and verdant fragrance.

Jo Malone website

Having never described perfume before I thought I’d leave it to the experts! However, what I can say is that the cologne is fruity but not too sweet. It’s definitely a mature perfume, one for the grown ups in the room. For me, this is heaven in a bottle and I implore you to go to a counter and have a smell!

The scent is really pungent (in the good way!) and lasts all day which is great seeing as its not the cheapest of perfumes… £39 for 30ml or £70 for 100ml is a little steep! The packaging is classy – an understated glass bottle with the signature white and black label. It feels like a quality product in your hand.

Overall, I adore this perfume and I am excited to try more of the Jo Malone scents, even if I do have to save up for a bit before I get them!

What is your favourite perfume? Have you tried Jo Malone before? Leave links and comments below!


In the Nude Collection, Nails Inc

So I bought myself a few treats in the January sales…

My first purchase was this gorgeous nude collection from Nails Inc called, inspiringly, In the Nude. As previously mentioned on this blog Nails Inc is my favourite brand of polish – for me, the quality cannot be beaten for the price.


In the Nude collection consists of:
George Street – A pastel, mink pink
Sheraton Street – A ‘NEW Trend Shade’ pale blue
Kensington Gore – A deep nude
Hyde Park Place – A soft, pale grey
IMG_0882222The colours are bang on trend for the up coming season and I love them all. The picture right is what I’m wearing currently, Sheraton Street and Kensington Gore. I’m a big fan of nude pastel nails for an everyday look, they are classic, sophisticated and just plain beautiful. I managed to bag the collection for £20 instead of £44 for them all individually – bargain! As a quick tip, if you’re a big fan of Nails Inc (as I am) check out their newsletter, they send out offers all the time!

What do you think of the collection? Are you a fan of nails inc? Leave links and comments below as I’d love to know your thoughts!


Hello 2014!

Hurrah! It’s a new year!

I do hope you all had a wonderful festive period and an excellent new year. I just wanted to give a little update of what you can expect from A Lot of Lovely Things this year…
Firstly, more posts! I’m aiming for two uploads a week so make sure you’re signed up and following my site for the latest updates!
Secondly, more London! I recently bought Tired of London, Tired of Life and I’m keen to try as much of the things in it as I can!
Thirdly, more books! One of my new year resolutions this year to is read everyday something that isn’t internet news – so novels, interesting magazines, articles, essays – the lot. So they’ll be posts about my latest readings too.
Finally, more lovely things! As the title suggests… 😉

So a new year means a new start. 2013 was a bit of a mixed bag for me but I have high hopes for 2014. So onwards and upwards. Let’s go!

Peace and love,


Look – a puppy stuck in bowl!

Monthly favourites – August

Hello my lovelies, I’d thought I’d do a monthly(ish) post of all the things I’ve been loving each month so why not start now:

Fleur de Force: I love Fleur’s blog, she always has a great range of products reviewed and she seems like a genuinely lovely person too. Her blog is awesome

The wonderful Jake Bugg’s Broken is the song I’ve listened to most this month – it’s blooming beautiful! Well done Jakey boy!

Jumpers. Its been getting a little chilly the last few days and I’m slightly worried this is Summer over… Saying that I love the feeling of being wrapped up in jumpers and scarves so I was quietly happy to put my thick knit jumper on yesterday!

I went to the Natural History Museum with my Dad this week. We figured out he hadn’t been in 38years so thought it was time to go again. It is by far, my favourite museum in London and I had such a wonderful day.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Loving this book at the minute, it is so tense!

Alan Partridge. Alpha Papa. Incredible. Watch it. Review on the way.

I’ve been loving my eye cream this month! It’s been a busy, long month so I’ve been sure to use the B. Energised Eye Cream every morning and night to ensure that I don’t, at least, look tired!

Make up
This month I’ve been wearing my Nars Laguna Bronzer a lot. A lot! I’ve been going for a simple make up look – just a flawless (well, attempted flawless) face with minimal eyeshadow, and a slick of gel eyeliner and mascara. As mentioned above, I’ve been a little (a lot) tired this week especially so I’ve been trying to perfect my face to give the illusion of being rested! I used my Wake Me Up Foundation and Concealer then set it with my Bare Minerals foundation – it works a treat!

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.
I know this video has been around for a long time but I absolutely love it! I rediscovered it and I can’t stop watching it – one of my favourite videos ever!

So yeah, there’s a little round up of my month, I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave links and comments below to your weekly/monthly favourites as I’d love to have a look!


Review | Barry M Gelly Nail Polish

L-R: Green Berry, Satsuma, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Papaya

L-R: Green Berry, Satsuma, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Papaya

One thing you should probably know about me, I have an addictive personality. When I like something I get lots of it and its kind of a problem… especially for my purse! So my most recent obsession is the Barry M Gelly Nail Polish. I’m sure you will have heard of these beauties and I can’t get enough of them.

I love nail polish but I only love good nail polish, which is why I’m such a massive fan of Nails Inc as their quality is just brilliant. (My favourite polish being Maddox Street!)

I think the ‘normal’ Barry M polish range is pretty average.They have a nice range of colours but the quality isn’t too good. I find they chip pretty quickly but are decent enough if you just want polish on for a night out, say.

However, the Gelly range. Wow, oh wow. Barry M have pulled it out the bag with this polish! The formula is brilliant, truly brilliant. The colours are intense, the polish is thick and really does shine beautifully like a having a gel manicure at the salon! My favourite polishes are pictured above, they are so summery, I love them!

The polishes also last ages. I always use a base coat, two coats of polish and a top coat and they last at least a week. And at £3.99 each, they are an absolute bargain!

Have you tried this amazing range of polish? What did you think? What’s your favourite nail polish? Leave links and comments below because I’d love to know!


Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner

Apologies for the lack of posts this last ten days or so but I do have a good excuse, honest! I went on holiday to Cornwall with some family and friends and it was marvellous. I didn’t realise how much I needed to get out of London until I left and I feel so much better for doing so, but I’ll save that story for another post.

AussieAs I was in Cornwall I donned my wetsuit and did some body boarding in the sea, which of course means hair drenched in salt water, which means hair like straw ordinarily. Which leads me on to what I wanted to talk to you about today is the simply stunning Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner from Aussie.

I picked up some Aussie shampoo and conditioner for my holidays for three reasons:

1) My ordinary shampoo/conditioner is the Tigi Curlesque range in giant salon size bottles which are less than practical for travel!
2) I’d used Aussie before at a friend’s house and was really pleased with the results on my hair.
3) It was on offer. *Confession time* Most of the things I buy are because they’re on offer – I can’t help it, I can’t resist a bargain!

I am so glad I bought this shampoo and conditioner – it was like a refreshing drink for my hair after the salty sea water had dehydrated it everyday. I washed my hair everyday on holiday (I couldn’t not with all that salt!) but the Aussie range didn’t make my hair greasy from over washing. The conditioner in particular was brilliant for rescuing my salt-ridden locks.

There’s more to life than hair but it’s a good place to start
– The Aussie Philosophy

Furthermore, my hair is dyed, with bleach, which also dries out hair and using Miracle Moist really felt like my hair was being nourished. My hair felt soft, shiny, lucious and healthy. I am definitely going to use this again – I’ll probably use these once a week or so to inject some moisture into my hair. And I think I’m going to try out the 3-Minute Miracle Recontructor (aka hair mask) too.

If you’re suffering with dry hair or heading to the beach (and want your hair to be manageable) I would really recommend giving the Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner a go. Plus, they’re usually on offer in either Boots or Superdrug which makes them a little cheaper!

Have you tried Aussie shampoo and conditioner before? What did you think? What do you use to inject some moisture into your hair? Leave links and comments below!


Review | Maybelline The Falsies Mascara


You may have noticed in my recent make up posts that my current favourite mascara is Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash (though I do cringe at the name everytime I have to write/type it!) And it is a fabulous mascara, it gives volume, length and a generally gorgeous lash when you’ve finished applying it! However, the downside is the price. At £18 a pop it does not come cheap!

So I thought I’d try out a cheaper high street mascara. Having heard many bloggers and vloggers rave about the Maybelline Falsies range I thought I’d give it a go too. Here is my verdict: IT’S AWESOME

I totally understand the hype.

I have very fair eyelashes and I feel awful without mascara as my eyes look sunk into my head (well I think they do anyway, it is perhaps my biggest failing.) So everyday I use black mascara to define my eyes. And the Falsies is just brilliant. Great colour pay off (I have the colour Black Drama) I usually just use one coat of mascara and I think that is the nicest look (above centre picture). Also, when I applied the second coat it became a little clumpy towards the end – so one coat looks better (on me anyway).


The rubber wand is scoop shaped so it really fits around your eyelashes well, defining them perfectly, giving great length. The formula is brilliant too – it doesn’t imprint at all (unlike the new Volume de Chanel mascara which ended up all over my face!) It last all day too – I wore it for a good 13/14 hours yesterday and it looks as if I’d just put it on when I came to take it off.

And for £7.99 I think the Falsies mascara is a bargain – such a good quality product for a snip of the price of high end mascaras. I can’t recommend this enough!

What is your favourite mascara? Have you tried the Falsies – what do you think to it?