Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire


I love the countryside. For me, there is nothing better than wrapping up warm with a hat, scarf, and boots on and crunching through the countryside on a winter’s day. I’m very lucky that I grew up surrounded by countryside and it’s something I cherish every time I’m back oop North.
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South Tyrol


A German word that denotes the relationship of a human being toward a certain spatial social unit

It was whilst listening to a French conversation on an Austrian radio station when driving around the German-speaking region of Italy that I truly appreciated the wonderful diversity and homogeny of the European continent. South Tyrol is the northern-most region in Italy with a diverse culture and history, and visiting the region this autumn was an eye-opening experience to values of togetherness, collaboration, and the pure joy of different cultures merging. It’s something I cherish; no (wo)man is an island after all.
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I went to Paris to celebrate my birthday with a few of my friends. It was amazing. I love the laid back attitude of Parisians, the café culture and the style of Paris – it is a classy city that just oozes style, charisma and good taste. I love Paris at the best of times, but in Spring with blossom everywhere, glorious sunshine and the best food and drink in the world, it was heaven.

Here are a few photos from my hundreds…

Have you been to Paris? What did you think of it?