Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire


I love the countryside. For me, there is nothing better than wrapping up warm with a hat, scarf, and boots on and crunching through the countryside on a winter’s day. I’m very lucky that I grew up surrounded by countryside and it’s something I cherish every time I’m back oop North.
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St James’s Park, London

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My favourite park in London is St James’s Park. Now considering the number of parks around London that is quite a claim, so let me tell you why its so good.

When you enter the park by Buckingham Palace you’ll be greeted by the gorgeous rolling lawns and the lake filled with water fowl and plants. There is an island in the lake which is pretty beautiful – full of exciting and interesting plants. Then you can walk the whole way around the lake going past Birdcage Walk, Horse Guard’s Parade, St James’s Palace and the Mall.

I love all of these monuments and no matter how many times I see these places I get that great patriotic feeling and it reminds me of the Royal wedding and the Jubilee (yes I’m a royalist, get over it.) So no matter how many tourists are flapping about I still enjoy seeing them as I wander through the park. At the other end of the park is Horse Guard’s Parade, scene of many a monarch birthday (but probably most memorably the ladies beach volleyball during the Olympics!).

St James’s is also small. Well, relatively. It is small yet perfectly formed! It has the atmosphere and charisma of a big park yet you can walk around it in half an hour. In the Summer the park is full of groups of friends picnicing and sunbathing – I’ve whiled away plenty of sunny afternoons in this park!

Despite the park being in the very centre of London surrounded by all these fantastic monuments, the park can be very quiet. Its peaceful, tranquil and quaint whilst being effervescently cool. It has a wonderful atmosphere which isn’t drowned by its size. I love this park, it makes me fell calm and happy and it makes me appreciate this amazing city I live in.

So when you’re next in London give St James’s Park a visit – it’s well worth it!
I’m always keen to go to new places so let me know your favourite parts of London!