A weekend in Budapest

We landed in Budapest on a bright September day. The coldness of London was long forgotten as we exited our cramp RyanAir flight and stretched out into the fresh and warm central-European air. After a quick taxi into town, we dumped our bags at our stunning AirBnB and set off exploring.

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South Tyrol


A German word that denotes the relationship of a human being toward a certain spatial social unit

It was whilst listening to a French conversation on an Austrian radio station when driving around the German-speaking region of Italy that I truly appreciated the wonderful diversity and homogeny of the European continent. South Tyrol is the northern-most region in Italy with a diverse culture and history, and visiting the region this autumn was an eye-opening experience to values of togetherness, collaboration, and the pure joy of different cultures merging. It’s something I cherish; no (wo)man is an island after all.
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A weekend in Kent


This weekend, myself and my friends went to Kent for the weekend and it was simply lovely.

We went on a bit of a tour around the county to get out of London (I know I’ve only just got back!), get into to the countryside, and see the sea. It was brilliant, even if the weather wasn’t.

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Travelcard Holder

Ok, ok, ok. I realise this is not the most enticing of blog posts but I really thought I should tell everyone about this gem.

Now you may think I’m silly for buying a travelcard/Oyster card holder as you get them for free from ticket offices and everytime a new film comes out. (Absolutely gutted I didn’t manage to get the Skyfall themed travelholder!) But, I genuinely think mine is brilliant.

Oyster card holder

It has the tube map of London on it, with central London on the outside and outer London on the inside. I use my oyster card virtually everyday and despite us being in the ‘age of technology’ and all that, it is so much quicker to just grab this and look up my route.

What’s more, my friends LOVE it. Everytime I’m out for dinner or drinks and it comes to the end of the evening, my card holder gets passes around as everyone figures out their way home!

It may seem small, it may seem trivial but this really does make my life easier. I can’t recommend it enough! You can buy them from the Transport for London Website for £5.99 or in Waterstones on Oxford Street (opposite Selfridges) for £3.99.